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The designs we create are fashioned meticulously by keeping the targeted market in mind and understanding the trends of its audience

Bashybash Publications

We publish your Writings to let it to read by whole world on your name. just after a quick review First three writings are free to publish

The Bash World

Buy Products from The Bash World And our Partenering companies . We Provide selected and recommended products From our clients

Bash Art World

We provide a wide range of Origional Hand Made paintings according to your Demand and size . click here to see our collection


Our Pillars

  • Bhavi Bash

    Founder of The Bash World Earlier Bash Enterprises

  • Avi Bash

    Co-founder and Ceo of The Bash World Earlier Bash enterprises

  • Vivek Kumar

    Chief Operating Officer of The Bash World Earlier Bash Enterprises

  • Utkarsh Pandey

    Chief Visionary Officer of The Bash World Earlier Bash Enterprises

  • Ankit Satti

    Chief Operating Officer of Bash Entertainment Media

  • Avnish Shukla

    Chief Operating Officer of Bash Infotech pvt ltd

  • Piyush

    Chief Financial Officer Of The Bash World

  • Rishabh Rawat

    Chief Operating Officer of Basham Design

  • Chetan Kumar Thakur

    Executive Creative Director of Basham Design

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Why do I Expect ?

Why do I Expect ? I never knew till the time, I realized it to be crime. Smile was just


WHAT YOUTH WANTS ??? Expectation rise Love lacks. Makes children lonely, Impropriety (bad habbits) traps  .        

Sorrowful sky

Sorrowful Sky I am the ocean of skies , and the only, Survivor on me are stars … Uncountable as

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